Sunday Morning Coffee // No. 124

Sunday Morning Coffee from Ultimo

Bonjour les amis! By the time this post goes live, I’ll be in Paris!

I’ve been looking forward to this trip for the larger part of a year, and I cannot believe it’s finally here. I’ll be vlogging every day and sharing a bunch of videos and photos once I’m back home!

I was adamant that this would be a true vacation, so I spent the past 2 weeks busting my behind to wrap up projects and get posts scheduled while I’m away. There will be new blog posts all week and I’ll be uploading as soon as I’m back in Philly!

I’ll be on Instagram stories often during the trip and sharing content specific to this trip using the hashtag #AmberAuBonPon (yes, Amber with the good bread won the polls haha). Feel free to send me any travel specific questions via email or DM!

Links I Loved…

+ This interview with Youtube’s director of content partnerships was super interesting, especially after all of the changes they made that impacted smaller creators last year.

+ Added this colander to my Christmas list (you know you’re an adult when…).

+ The fine line between me time and isolation.

+ How epic is this artwork?!

+ So many of these 2019 YA book releases are on my TBR.

+ Tips from the morning routines of high achievers.

+ Imposter/fraud syndrome is so real; here’s how to deal.

+ PR tips for small business owners who can’t afford a publicist.

Bon Dimanche!


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