Sunday Morning Coffee // No. 123

Sunday Morning Coffee No. 123

The days right after a holiday are always a little disorienting. Especially after you’ve spent 3 days sitting on the couch eating leftovers and binging the Great British Bake Off. So now I’m breaking out of my Thanksgiving haze to share some links that you can cozy up with before transitioning back into the work week.

My plan for what’s left of the weekend is to work on finalizing and scheduling content before my trip! I’m so excited for this vacation to Paris, but also super anxious about everything that needs to be done before I leave (plus a bit of general anxious thrown in for good measure). I’m working on putting together a post around traveling when you have anxiety, because I’m sure I’m not the only one.

I’m also slowly working my way through Michelle Obama’s book, Becoming. It’s so good, and she has so much wisdom to share. If you haven’t picked it up yet, grab it while Barnes and Noble is having it’s Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale!

Links I Loved…

+ One of the most encouraging breakup/divorce posts I’ve ever read.

+ In case you needed another reason to love “thank u, next.” Arianna just keeps delivering!

+ How to get rid of belly bloat — perfect for post holiday meals and pre-travel prep!

+ How to make your iPhone the most productive and efficient phone ever.

+ For anyone who’s feeling lost.

+ How being creative benefits your health.

+ Super inspired by Amber’s thoughts on living free and fearlessly.

+ Good news: reading fiction makes you nicer.

+ A super interesting read on why female founders of new start ups tend to be “too educated.”

+ How to get back on track with wellness (a post I’ll be revisiting through this travel filled holiday season).

+ Reason to Hope.

+ On getting rid of books.

Happy Sunday!

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  1. omg that music video was iconicccc. I texted my friends as soon as I watched it! // wow that productive iPhone article is amazing… Love the note and outline he gave at the beginning. Bookmarking to read for later 🙂 // Definitely needed those reminders for those feeling lost. A lot. // On female founders, not surprised actually T_T You know that quote about women having to work twice as hard for half the recognition… // The article on getting rid of books was really interesting! Since I was little, I’ve been conditioned by my parents not to hoard books. Instead of buying books, we would go to the library or sit at Barnes & Noble and read the books we wanted without buying them. The only time we would buy books would be when the Scholastic catalogue came around at school :3 That was Christmas for me haha. Nowadays, I get books from the library, receive e-galleys, or find books online, and very rarely do I buy new books, even though I’m always tempted to. I’m especially tempted at secondhand bookstores. Are you considering getting rid of books? I’ve noticed that you do purchase most of your books! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

    Posted 12.12.18 Reply
    • Amber Burns wrote:

      I actually go through my books a few times a year and decided which ones should go! I split between trading with used bookstores and donating to the library and to teachers. I love the idea of recycling books to new readers and think used books are even more special!!

      Posted 12.13.18 Reply