Sunday Morning Coffee // No. 122

If you ever want to push your limits of exhaustion, try launching your newly rebranded website in the middle of the busiest time of year professionally and personally. Even though my apartment is a mess, I’m a bit behind on content and I’m super behind on sleep, the responses to the rebrand have made it all worth it.

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Seriously, I know that no one has to support or share the work I do, so every tweet, DM, email and phone call in response to the rebrand have meant the world. I put a lot of time and energy into this new site; it’s literally a piece of me. And sharing little parts of yourself with the world never get any easier, despite how often I do it. So thank you all, so much, for being so amazing and supportive.

Now, grab your coffee –and let’s dive into some weekend reading for the first time in this space.

Links I Loved…

+ Meghan’s advice on getting out of a career rut is so well put!

+ The conversation around self care is definitely a bit conflated, which is a shame.

+ These design books would look lovely on a coffee or bedside table. Am I the only one who loves books as decor?!

+ Clara’s post on Grace’s blog about setting social media boundaries in dating was super interesting and definitely made me think about my own habits.

+ Sometimes, we really are our own worsts enemies.

+ Simone shared her wonton and cabbage soup recipe and it sounds like the perfect warm and cozy meal for winter.

+ Anna always gives great recommendations and I loved her skincare tips! I love Drunk Elephant products, but definitely want to look into others from her routine.

+ If the weather change also has you reaching for face masks more often, this simple and antioxidant packed DIY is worth a try.

+ An energy boosting, nut free granola recipe perfect for snacking on the go.

I’ll be spending the rest of the day getting caught up on work, editing and planning videos and trying to squeeze in time to read Michelle Obama’s new book (which is as amazing as you think).

Happy Sunday.

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  1. Meghan wrote:

    Thank you so much for including my career rut post here, Amber!!

    Posted 12.10.18 Reply
    • Amber Burns wrote:

      Always happy to include your posts!

      Posted 12.11.18 Reply
  2. Ooh I follow Simone on Instagram but haven’t checked out her site yet. I made spicy wontons for the first time earlier this week, and this wonton cabbage soup recipe looks so good! // I’m not currently dating, but the post about social media boundaries was fun to read. // My friend just finished Becoming and said it was amazing! Definitely on my TBR 🙂 -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

    Posted 12.12.18 Reply
    • Amber Burns wrote:

      Spicy wontons sound amazing! Please share that recipe!

      Posted 12.13.18 Reply
      • I cooked frozen wontons like normal, and then mixed it with a little bit of spicy hot pot soup base, some chili oil, and a little bit of sugar!

        Posted 12.15.18 Reply