Sunday Morning Coffee // No. 112

I’ve spent most of the weekend rotating between my bed and couch, hydrating and binge watching Downton Abbey while trying to shake the last of a gross little cold I’ve had.

Not the most exciting way to spend a weekend.

I thought that being sick would mean making more of a dent in my currently reading, but holding up a book while pumped full of cold medicine isn’t an easy feat.

So in place of reading I’ve been deep into a Downton Abbey binge and boy is this show taking me through the motions. The first three seasons were so bright and bad thing after bad thing has been happening ever since one of my favorite characters died (no spoilers!).

A period drama binge was a needed escape from some of the current news coverage. I am so proud of and inspired by teens all across the country making their voices heard and demanding action on gun control. But watching hateful people take advantage of their time on the airways to overlook grief and common sense to spew their illogical agendas was just too much.

There is nothing wrong with staying informed and keeping up with the news, but knowing when to turn it off is important, too.

Links I Loved…

+ I’m all about these daily habits that help to keep you focused and less distracted.

+ How to add more personality to your brand – I always love Jenna’s tips!

+ I love watching plan with me videos and this March set up got me excited for spring time!

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+ Why you shouldn’t wait to share your work.

+ I’m beyond inspired by Felicia’s post on turning her side hustle into a fully blossomed career.

+ How to make more time for your side hustle.

+ All of my fellow “too many tabs” friends will relate to this tweet.

+ I love reading the reflections of bloggers who have been doing this for decades.

+ For anyone else looking to get into creative journaling, here are some tips!


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  1. March 6, 2018 / 8:03 pm

    omg the end of Season 3 of Downton Abbey and onwards… I feeeeeel you // Loved the article about adding personality to your brand!

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