Update 01 // 2018 SPoT Reading Challenge

Space on Third Reading Challenge UpdateCan you believe we’re almost through the first quarter of 2018?!

When I decided to put together a reading challenge to share on the blog, I wanted it to be a fun and stress free way to share my love of reading with all of you! I didn’t want it to turn into a comparison game or competition of who could read the most titles in one year. I just wanted you to pick up a book you maybe hadn’t thought of or give reading during your free time a try.

Reading is a form of self care for me, and I love sharing what I read with you all.

So I thought doing quarterly check-ins during the year showing which of the challenges I’ve completed could be fun! And whether you found out about the reading challenge in January or when this post went live, let me know which challenges you’ve completed too!

Here’s a refresher on what they were:

As of today, I’ve finished 17 books in 2018! I set my Goodreads goal to 50 books for the year, so it looks like I’m more than on track. Last year my goal was 52 books and I exceeded it by reading over 70! So this year with a challenge to guide me, I hope to read even more!!

I haven’t picked up anyone one book with the thought of finishing a specific challenge in mind. Like I said, these aren’t mean to be restrictions on your reading, but should open you u to new books, authors and genres of reading.

Here are the challenges I’ve completed so far:

Read a new to you author

Read an Anthology

Read a Poetry Collection

Reread Your Favorite Book

Whether you’ve read one book or one hundred books in the past few months, I hope you’ve been enjoying your reading in 2018!


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