5 Unproductive Habits I'm Breaking

7 Unproductive Habits I'm BreakingThere is always a direct correlation between how busy I am and the bad habits that I start taking on. July was a crazy month and August hasn’t been much different. 

Work has keep me on the go non-stop with a series of activations in different cities that I’m producing content for. That will finally wrap up this week with a quick day trip to Boston. All of that plus my regular work schedule and getting content produced for the blog and YouTube has left me pretty exhausted and with lots of newly picked up bad habits.

It’s always hard to get back on track when life is so throwing curve ball after curve ball. But I know I think better, feel better and work better when I focus on practicing good, healthy habits and stick to my routines.

Here are a few key habits that I’m kicking to the curb in favor of some healthier ones:

Adding disclaimers for my work

Have you ever caught yourself doing this? Saying something like “sorry this isn’t great, I’ve been so tired lately” before showing off something you’ve done. I’ve been catching myself doing it a lot lately, and it’s not fair to myself or my work. Basically prefacing something I’ve worked hard on with this won’t be great, sorry. 


I’ve talked about time management a million times on the blog. There have been so many nights where I feel like I have so much to do, I open a million tabs and distractedly work on all of the things, which typically leads to getting nothing done. So for the past few days, I’ve been intentionally focused on single tasking, and being more present in each task. Instead of writing while also scrolling Instagram and thinking about upcoming blog shoots, I’m just writing right now. It helps me work better and leads to a better end result (with no need for disclaimer). I have so many projects I’m trying to make happen by the end of this year, and scattered work isn’t going to get me there.

Writing Overwhelming To-Do Lists

I have a habit of trying to throw everything on my list and tying to push myself to get ahead. In the end, it definitely doesn’t serve me and usually leaves me feeling guilty and overall less productive. I’ve been limiting myself to 3-4 essential tasks, and then 1-2 fun or self care tasks on each list. It’s worked wonders

Also: make a done list.

5 Unproductive Habits I'm Breaking

Less screen time

I’m not a big TV watcher, but I am constantly looking at screens. Either passing time on social, playing videos on youtube in the background as I do something else or just online getting work done. I need more time signed off, and I’m intentionally giving myself off hours each day, usually in the hour before I head to bed or early morning. I used to be so good about this, but late night emails and deadlines have let this slip.

Oh and wearing my blue light glasses consistently to keep those tension headaches at bay.

Eating breakfast at my desk

My mornings have always been super important to me. I’ve always really loved waking up earlier and having time to eat breakfast at home before heading into the office. Lately, I’ve been so rushed and on the go that I either grab something out or throw food in my bad to eat at my desk. It seems like a simple thing, but just taking the time to eat before heading into a hectic day makes a huge difference in my mood and productivity.

Are there any bad habits that the busy summer months have caused you to pick up? Share in the comments and let’s encourage one another to do better!


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