Tuesday To-Do: Write Your Path + Process

pathandprocess_featThe alternate title for today’s post was definitely: why you aren’t accomplishing any of your goals, and how to fix that.

How many of us have lengthy checklists of goals and accomplishments that we can never seem to cross off? Maybe you want to start a new series on your blog, finally launch a podcast or incorporate exercise and meditation back into your morning routine. Still, no matter how many time these items creep onto our to-do lists, they never seem to get done.

Why is that? The answer is simply, we create tons of tasks, but don’t take the time to write out our path and our processes.


Determining the path

Most of the things we want to accomplish require multiple steps. Starting a new column on your blog, for example, requires creating templates, outlining content, writing and scheduling┬ásocial media and more, depending on the series type. It’s not the initial goal that we find impossible to accomplish, but rather the steps between the idea’s inception and the finish line that throw us off.

When you decide you have a new project or goal you want to take out, outline the path to get the project to completion. Determine each little step along the way that will take whatever you’re doing from idea to fruition.

Create a process

Anything that I do on repeat, like writing blog posts or create blog images, I have a system and/or process for. You can read up on my thoughts on creating systems to stay organized.

Once you’ve outlined the path for your new goal or project, it’s crucial that you create a process that will allow you to get each step done. If there’s a social media component, create a process that helps you organize and automate posts. If you have to create templates, set aside time to batch create them in bulk to save time.

Once we know every step involved in the process of achieving our goals, and have a clear process to get things done, it’s astounding how much we can actually accomplish. If you’ve been feeling stuck lately, or that you aren’t making progress on your goals, start here.


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