My Top 40 Posts of 2014

What a year 2014 has been! I honestly don’t know where the time went, but I have lots of good feelings about 2015. I see lot’s of hard work and diligence followed by even more abundant blessings and accomplishments.

I thought a great way to end the year here, and welcome in so much newness coming right around the corner, would be to look back on some of the most popular (and my fave) posts of 2014. If one of you’re favorite’s isn’t listed here, let me know what it is in the comments!

On Blogging

Blogging and the Guilt Game. That tinge of guilt bloggers deal with when comparing expectations to reality. I think we’ve all been there, likely in more areas than just our blogs. 

Why I Blog. I shared why I continue to blog, and loved reading the comments about what keeps you all blogging.

How to Create Original Content. One question I receive more than almost any other is how I continue to come up with ideas for content. We work so hard to constantly push out ideas, we tend to hit walls and dry up our well full of original ideas.

Making Money as a Blogger, Part 1 and Part 2. Bloggers and their incomes was definitely a controversial topic in 2014. Bloggers and creatives seemed to be turning to online ventures more than ever. And as a blogger new to making money from this passion, this was definitely and important topic to me.

Creating a Feature Column. My Sunday Morning Coffee column is one of the most popular posts to hit the blog each week. The new Up + Out column is also quickly gaining popularity. This post has been shared a bunch and I hope it’s helped everyone create killer columns for 2015!

Refocusing Your Content. After a really eye-opening consult with Kory, I decided to really examine how I was covering my content here. More often than not, it’s not our brands that need refocusing but rather our content strategy.

Growing Your Blog vs. Gaining a Following. This was another widely read and shared posts on blogging. I wrote this after seeing yet another massive blogging giveaway where readers had the chance at 30+ entries for a prize. Those entries usually mean’t following the participating bloggers, but is there a better way to grow your blog?

On Branding & Design

Pitching Brands the Right Way. As a blogger who has created sponsored posts and loves working with different brands, this post seems even more relevant now. If you don’t want to wait for the brands to come to you, this post will help you pitch your blog to them. 

Five Tips for a Smooth Rebrand. I’ve been through three rebrands in the past, so I know that can be a very stressful time for bloggers and creatives. If you’re rebranding your blog in the new year, these tips may help you stay on track. 

Behind the Brand. The Ember & March brand is very special to me. When I first began envisioning and creating it, I had a few key elements, described in this post, that I wanted the brand to embody. I hope to make the Behind the Brand series a full, and regular, column here. 

Behind the Brand 02: Staying Inspired. In this Behind the Brand post, I share where I drew my inspiration from since rebranding and relaunching. Staying inspired keeps me writing, designing and thinking of what I could possibly do next. 

Behind the Brand 03: Logo Story. This post shares a peak into how I developed the E&M logo. I went through a lot of drafts before landing on the final logo. Now that I’m working on a new design and logo for 2015, it’s exciting to remember the first round of E&M designing.

Creating Your Brand with a Designer. Most of you who read this blog have aspirations of becoming a self-taught designer. Others just want to know how to best achieve a clean, streamlined and professional design. This post breaks down how to work with a designer to create your ideal branding and design.

Designing Blog Graphics without Photoshop Skills. My real life bestie Jordan guest blogged this awesome post for me. She’s queen of creating high quality and stylish blog graphics, without using Photoshop or other expensive resources.

3 Tips for a Cleaner Blog Design. Another awesome guest post from Kory on creating cleaner blog designs. If you’re planning a fresh design launch in the New Year, I’d start here.

My Design Process. I create this graphic and post while working on the new logo (which I’m in love with) and design. I really enjoyed sharing some peeks into my design process. 

On Organization

Why You Don’t Need Another Planner, Calendar or Productivity App. As the New Year hits, we’ll all be resolving, I’m sure, to be a bit more organized. Before you go and purchase all the things (planners, notebooks, and apps galore) stop and be sure you’re doing it with intention. 

The System Method. I stay organized by creating very routine systems and methods for almost everything I do. it definitely streamlines my day (especially early mornings) and saves me a lot of time.

Route 101: Mini Series. This series broke down how to create a functional and flexible routine to keep you organized and on track. The series is broken down into three parts: Where to Start, Creating Flexible Routines and Making it Stick.

6 Productivity Tips for Working at Your Desk. I get so much done when I sit down at my desk with a cup of coffee and a lot of determination. Here’s how I set the scene to really #GetThingsDone.

5 Reasons to Make a List. Being the compulsive list maker that I am, this post had to make the favorites of 2014. I make a list at least once, if not twice a day even when nothings going on. 

On Wellness + Wellbeing

Feeling Burnt Out and How To Recover. Burn out was a big topic for bloggers in 2014, too. I definitely felt the burn out feels more than once this year, but there is always a way to bounce back, better and stronger.

Creating and Practicing Daily Affirmations. Waking up and saying a daily affirmation can change the entire course of my day. Whether you jot it down in your planner or repeat it while you make your morning coffee, this little routine really has a huge impact. 

Find & Embrace Your Quietude. I wrote this post after a really rough weekend, during a really rough part of my summer. It’s definitely one of my favorites, one that i’ve considered printing out and keeping.

Saying Yes to Saying No. One of my biggest lessons from 2014 is that it’s okay to say no. It can have a big of a positive effect on your life as saying and hearing yes. I’m thankful for the no’s this year brought. 

The Five Minute Disconnect. I took a social media vacation during Thanksgiving, but when I’m not going so extreme this quick disconnect works just as well.

How to Manage Being Very Busy. If you’re managing a fully packed schedule, like I am, it can be hard to manage everything you need and want to do. Here’s a few tips to help you work out your super busy schedule. 

20 Time Savers for East Mornings. This was one of my most shared productivity/positive lifestyle posts of the year, for sure! These simple time savers will help you be out and on your way with time to spare in the mornings.

5 Self Confidence Boosters. We all get down on ourselves at times. These quick self confidence boosters will help you to lift your head up and carry on.

Embracing a Lifestyle of Transparency. There was a lot of talk this year about real versus curated life when it comes to bloggers and sharing. I loved styled posts and quick glances of perfect moments, but I always think being transparent is best.

Goal Setting & Getting Things Done

Being Realistic With Your Time. I live by the quote that while I can do anything, I cannot do everything. We can get so much more done when we get real about how much time we can really work with.

Kicking Off a New Month Right. Just in time for the new year and month, how to start a new month on the right foot. Set yourself up for lot’s of focus, productivity and positive days.

Fifteen Questions. Fifteen questions to ask yourself every day to monitor and improve your daily performance. Remember: the hustle is only possible when the vessel is kept well. 

10 truths About Failure. There’s a huge myth that failure means the end of something, when really it’s a wide open door to new beginnings. These truths about failure will have you rethinking what’s possible in 2015.

How to Accomplish the Seemingly Impossible. Anything is possible. This new year is a blank slate for you to do the work and make whatever you want to happen, happen. We are speaking beings –if we can say it, it can come to pass. 

Goal Setting: Do You Have a Vision. Goal setting is nothing without a larger picture to aspire to. Remember what you’re working for, and set smaller goals to make that happen! 

I hope you enjoyed reconnecting with these old posts as much as I did!! Here’s to a amazing new year full of new and wonderful accomplishments!

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    Thanks for sharing this posts once again, even I I read some of them, and guess I’m going to re-read them once more, xx

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