Three Podcasts I'm Loving Lately

Three Podcasts I'm Loving LatelyWhen I’m doing chores around the apartment or walking around the city, I’m usually listening to an audiobook or a podcast. It makes me feel even more productive and helps a long workday go by faster.

I have a few podcasts that I listen to every week, which have been mentioned here and here and here. The shows cover everything from freelance and business tips to mental wellness and pop culture. It’s like having a talkshow made just for you in your pocket every day.

There’s also been a pickup in the number of podcasters who not only record audio of their episodes, but upload video of the recording sessions, too. A lot of popular radio and big network podcasts had been doing this and I’m glad to see more people adopt it!

Usually, when I’m in the mood for a podcast it’s because I’m busy or on the go and can’t watch a movie. But some days, I’m just on the couch or working in my bullet journal and having a video on is a nice addition to podcast/me time. If you aren’t completely sold on the podcast ideas, watching them on video may be for you.

Three Podcasts I'm Loving Lately

This little list is a mix of creativity, business and wellness. Each show covers something a little different but add equal value to my life.

So here we go…

+ The Creative Exchange by Sara “Peachy”

I love Sara Dietschy and spent the better part of January binge watching her videos. She’s smart, creative and a fun person to watch and she definitely delivers all of that to the podcast. She interviews other creatives, freelancers and entrepreneurs about their creative endeavors, current trends and their journey to where they are. It’s informative and entertaining and I can’t recommend it more. If you’re tuning in, give the videos a try.

+ Deeply Curious by Sarah & Cody Jenson

This is a very new podcast (only 3 episodes in) so you have plenty of time to binge listen and catch up. Sarah and Cody have great voices for podcasting, but definitely check them out on video. That’s how I originally found them, they each post videos and vlogs weekly. In each episode, they discuss a topic that they’reĀ deeply curiousĀ about. It’s always a great discussion that makes me think and I always leave with a lot to work through.

+ The Lavendaire Lifestyle by Aileen Xu

I’ve been following Aileen’s blog and Youtube channel for years now and love her content. I’ve only recently started listening to her podcast and I don’t know why I waited so long. She interviews creatives about personal growth and creating a lifestyle designed especially for you. The conversations are always very real and thought provoking.

Three Podcasts I'm Loving Lately

I could keep listening to and listing podcasts for days (I’m listening to Deeply Curious as I edit this), but I’m keeping today’s list short! Let me know what else you’ve been listening to in the comments!


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