Sunday Morning Coffee // No. 90

Happy New Year! It seems so fitting to me that the first post on the blog in 2017 is Sunday Morning Coffee. I’ve been writing this column for over 3 years and I’ve loved sitting down every Sunday and catching up over coffee with you all.

I’m excited for all of the coffee dates to come in 2017.

Links I Loved…

+ What 2016’s obsession with dark patterns says about the year as a whole.

+ If you’re detoxing in the New Year, try these infused water recipes.

+ The most important question of your life.

+ And while we’re asking questions, are you happy?

+ 7 things you can leave in 2016 #NewYearFreshStart.

+ Put another brunch on the books, because hanging out with friends is good for you!

+ 9 Artists illustrated 2016’s style and they all nailed it.

+ If reading more is one of your 2017 goals, I highly suggest joining Book of the Month*.

+ As I finish furnishing my living room this month, I’m definitely aiming for hygge.

I hope you all have the most amazing year yet! I hope everyone has left all of their negative feelings, energies, heartbreaks and setbacks in 2016 and that we can all start fresh together. See you back on the blog, all year long!

Cheers, and happy Sunday!


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