Sunday Morning Coffee // No. 85


I may need to look into trading in my current mattress and bedding for new, less comfortable ones. My current sleeping set up is just way too good to me, and getting out of bed each day proves harder and harder.

Hence why I’m currently writing this from bed on a chilly, rainy Sunday morning. A hot mug of coffee is within arms reach and I have nothing but candle light and Solange’s new album in the background.

In short: I’m having a great morning.

Links I Loved…

+ Social menopause? Yes, it’s a “thing,” and you may be entering the change.

+ Tips for refreshing your living room style.

+ For bloggers and biz owners, Kayla’s 4 levels of community post is a must read!

+ Did you know, thinking in another language can actually change your moral judgement? Multilingual morals, anyone?

Weird, but interesting. The place where the busts of former US Presidents go to (figuratively) rest in peace.

+ I’ve been loving this weekly illustration series, but this one is TOO REAL to me!

+ Because we are all, always learning more (about ourselves and the world): lessons I learned in my early 20s.

LOL: Mean Girls fans, rejoice in this tweet of Kevin G rapping his infamous mean girls rap.

+ Start your day off with this quick HIIT workout (easy to do in a small apartment or hotel room).

Happy Sunday!

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