Sunday Morning Coffee // No. 84

no84I woke up Saturday morning and jumped into the day without even realizing that September was done and gone and October was officially upon us.

And because you’re probably wondering, we don’t turn the clocks back an hour until the first week of November. Slow your roll (and keep your alarm set on schedule).

It’s finally feeling like Fall in the city and I couldn’t be happier to trade my sandals for boots and sundresses for sweaters. I may have gone a little overboard with the amount of Fall scented candles I have burning in my apartment at the moment. But aside from the heavenly smells and warm drinks, a new month and the start of a new season helps everything feel fresh.

It’s a good moment to revamp your routines, re-commit to your goals and embrace some new changes. Let’s mix things up and push our limits in October 🙂

Links I Loved…

+ How to stop freaking out on Sundays and be ready for the week ahead.

+ In love with this bold and bright DIY painted rope headboard.

+ Practice makes perfect, right? Maybe not.

+ How to clearly define who you are and what you do in a way that resonates (to you and others).

+ Gina Rodriguez, who I love on Jane the Virgin showed the world her alter ago, Cutz the rapper. And it was amazing.

+ A playlist to help you ease into the month.

+ An awesome and incredibly fair breakdown on wordpress vs. squarespace.

+ Tips for organizing your home from Rebecca Atwood (I spent the weekend organizing my closet, more on that later.)

In case you missed it

+ Huge thanks to Kayla for having me on the #createlounge podcast this past week! We chatted about side hustles, blogging and the truth about balancing it all.

+ I share 4 of my favorite Philly coffee shops.

*I literally had to pause 10 times while writing this because the pumpkin chestnut candle I’m burning just smells THAT good!

Have a great Sunday!

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