Sunday Morning Coffee // No. 74

Sunday Morning CoffeeHappy Sunday, guys. Can you believe today is the first day of May, and we’re already nearly halfway through 2016?! It always surprises me that even when the days seem to drag on, the months really do pass by at warp speed.

I’m really excited for the week coming up! I’ll be teaching a workshop on master your social media presence to PHL Bloggers on Tuesday night! This will be my second time speaking and teaching this year, and I have more live, in-person workshops in the works!

I’m also working with a really awesome local small business for the next addition to the Notes on Philly column! And there will be even more of these coming up over the summer.

Links I Loved….

+ 17 to blogs to read if you’re focusing on mindfullness and personal growth.

+ 3 steps to develop your personal style.

+ How to write blog post titles people will actually click.

+ 8 daily habits to boost your success.

+ We’re all struggling to find work/life/hustle balance. Emily shared 3 tips on achieving it.

+ Embrace the unexpected.

+ Everything is scary, practice courage.

+ DIYing your web design? Avoid these design mistakes.

+ What we’ve already known all along: it can be super expensive to be a woman.

In Case You Missed It….

+ How I spend my first hour each morning to ensure a productive day.

+ Get your week on track by organizing by priority.

+ The one thing you must accept if you plan to go after your dreams.

Have an awesome Sunday!

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