Sunday Morning Coffee // No. 72

Sunday Morning CoffeeI’m currently writing this post under a huge blanket, on the couch at my dad’s house, on the brink of falling over and into a deep deep sleep. I’m coming down from a caffeine high, thanks to one too many cold brews and an adrenaline rush from running a work shop at my first blogging conference.

I went straight from speaking, styling photos and networking to crossing state lines and having dinner with the fam.

What a weekend. Well worth every bit of exhaustion. I’ll be sharing a recap post about the blog connect featuring everything from what my session covered to tips for attending and speaking at a blogging conference. If you have any specific questions, send them my way and I’ll make sure they’re included!

Links I loved…

+ How gorgeous is this photo art print DIY by Lark & Linen?! Perfect for adding a pop to a simple room.

+ Work hard, live smart and play often with these awesome articles on living, working and unwinding better.

+ Trying to revamp your skincare and beauty tools with less cruel ingredients and toxins? Keep an eye out for these hidden toxins that could be lingering under your sink.

+ “Your job can lead to burn out if you forget what you’re working for.” Do what you want.

+ Definitely read this if you’re a twenty something (or any-something, really) about to break down, swearing you’ll “get your life together next weekend.”

+ You know I’m a sucker for anything involving brussels.

+ It seems to finally be leaning towards Spring here in Philly, but any weather makes good ramen weather.

+ Are you planning to check out the HBO film Confirmed? I am (because Kerry Washington, obviously) so this piece was right on time.

Enjoy your coffee and your Sunday!


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