Sunday Morning Coffee // No. 101

First week of a new month after a long weekend, check. How’d you make out this week?It definitely took me a few days into the week to get back into the swing of things. I didn’t accomplish as much as I wanted, but overall it was a good week and that’s all I can ask for.

June is an exciting month because I’m planning a much needed creative retreat for myself. Just taking a few days to look at where I’m spending my time, energy and money and figuring out the big things I want to do next and getting clear on my goals. I’ll be sharing more about this throughout the month!

Links I Loved…

+ In case you missed it: I was featured in Charisma’s new series Creative Spaces! Sharing where I escape to get things done.

+ I love this idea! Gather some friends and throw a resource party.

+ If you love Humans on New York, you’ll likely enjoy Subway Hands by Hannah Ryan, too.

+ Balance is key, which means you should only say yes to the right things.

+ This cheap and easy chicken salad recipe is perfect for summer picnics or busy nights where you need something quick and hardy.

+ Speaking of summer eats: roasted peach and cherry popsicles? Yes please!

+ Six books to add to your reading list.

+ Some tips on working full time without neglecting your side hustle.

Happy reading, and happy Sunday!


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