Sunday Morning Coffee // No. 100

Happy long weekend to all of my U.S readers. I hope it’s been one filled with too much good food, friends, drinks and laughs and that you got some downtime in. I know I did.

I’ll keep it short today, since I’m sure we have naps, reading lists and Netflix binges to get back to. Whether you’re jumping back into work mode tomorrow or taking another day to wind down, I hope your day is great and that you fit in a few moments for self-care.

Links I Loved…

+ Giphy’s culture editor and GIF maker extraordinaire shares how she got to this point in her career and a bit about what she does (could you imagine a cooler job).

Cook this: adding this vegetarian enchilada recipe to my meatless Monday arsenal.

+ How to be more productive a work (because we all hit that wall around 2pm…right?)

+ These tips on staying motivated in your business from Teri are spot on (no pun intended) –perfect for full time business owners and side hustlers.

Subscribe to this: The Short Version. A simple way to get the news in an easy to follow way with thoughts from both sides.

+ LOL: This artist turned frequent requests for free work into some truly funny artistry.

+ Thoughts from a reader on how blogging and the internet impacts her reading habits.

+ If you’re into architecture, check out this round up of accounts to follow.

Happy reading, happy weekend.


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