Sunday Morning Coffee // No. 17

Sunday Morning Coffee / via And Yes To JoyAnd just like that, the first week of March is over and done with. Deciding to dig deeper into self this month was probably one of the best decisions I could have made. Because I honestly haven’t realized how easy it is for self-neglect to mask itself as productivity or ambition. I’ve always been productive, I’ve always been ambitious…I always will be.

Those things are programed into who I am; I don’t know how to function without those two things acting as driving forces within me. But at the same time, I really really need to be more conscious of my personal wellness and how the things that I’m doing are impacting me. Slowing down and doing less aren’t things that I’m necessarily good at, but I can try.

This week, I spent lots of time planning and researching for my ecoursewhich is still in the development phases. I’m so glad that I created that survey asking what you guys really wanted to learn from me, and thank you all again for being so responsive.  I’d already had some foundation work started, but that research opened my eyes and really shifted some of my focus. This course is going to be jammed packed with great stuff, and I hope everyone who participates gets the most from it.

Curl Up + Click On These

+ The photos from Amanda’s trip to visit the long neck Karen tribe are incredible. I loved reading her trip recap and satisfying my wanderlust a bit.

+ Brittany’s 5 tips for working from home couldn’t have come at a better time. I think you can apply these tips to anything home-based: work, studying, blogging.

+ One of my goals for the month is to simplify my eating. This delicious looking salad is officially on the menu.

+ The perfect dessert for a birthday girl to be! Delicious ice cream squares!

21snapsIt seems that my theme for this week of 21 Days of Self was self indulgence. Lesson learned? I don’t indulge in life’s little pleasures nearly enough. Also, I have one killer sweet tooth…

French MacaronsFrench MacaronsProcessed with VSCOcam with c1 presetHow was your week/weekend? Spend some time focusing on your, relaxing from the madness, and prepping for the week ahead today!



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