Sunday Morning Coffee // No. 49

Sunday Morning Coffee

First, a huge thank you for all of the love I got on my birthday post, and all of the beautiful birthday wishes you sent my way!!

I spent my 22nd relaxing and taking some time off with the people I love most. It was perfect.

This weekend the weather is still bi-polar and I’m not convinced that Spring is actually here. But for those of you celebrating the new season sans-post snowy weather –happy Spring Time! Let’s hope for more temperate temps in the weeks ahead.

How was your week? Anything exiting happen?

Links I loved…

+ I’m adding this book to my reading list and starting it immediately (it’s already been added to the bookshelf).

+ 8 Simple tips for success.

+ A simple DIY to add some flare to your space.

+ Are you falling victim to the cult of busy?┬áIt’s probably killing you.

+ Being an entrepreneur looks a bit different behind the scenes.

+ Lauren breaks down 8 common misconceptions about content marketing.

+ A site refresh can be as simple as these easy to implement tips.

+ I’ll be diving back into freelance work next month so managing my schedule will be key.

Happy Sunday!


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