Goals, February 2014

feb14goalsI feel like time is literally flying this year, right before my eyes. January seemed to just fly by, and now another month is here, which means time to set some new goals and intentions to focus on.

I like breaking down goals every month, to make my longer term goals seem a little nearer, and more attainable. It’s easy to say that you will accomplish ‘x’ amount of things over one year, but breaking it down piece by piece helps to bring those goals to fruition. And this year, I am all about results.

The hardest part of goal setting, in my experience, is getting over the little road blocks that distract you, and help to keep you stuck where you are.  Checking in with myself to make sure I’m still pushing in the right direction is a huge help.

This month, I’m focusing on…

+ Finding balance, and avoiding overwhelm at all costs. I’ve become so used to having a schedule jammed packed with things to do every hour of every day, that I’ve accepted overwhelm as a necessary evil. It isn’t. This month I want to continuously focus on saying no when I have to, and admitting when things are becoming too much.

Life is always perceived to be the huge juggling act, but that’s not how things have to be. You shouldn’t spend your time trying to balance a million things in mid-air, hoping that nothing falls down and hits you in the face. Balance is key. Just making a few small changes to how I run this blog has helped me incredibly reduce feeling overwhelmed.

+ Enjoy the little things that are happening, and give them full credit for being amazing. I can already tell that this year is going to bring so many new and exciting ventures my way. From my decision to jump head first into offering eBooks and eCourses here on the blog, to dedicating time to take writing more seriously.

This month, I want to celebrated all of these little behind the scenes happenings to the fullest. Who says you have to wait to see the finish product to have a little pride?!

+ Finish organizing the blog a bit. I’ve been working on revamping the And Yes To Joy brand a bit over the past few weeks. It will include a little refreshing to the design, logo and color scheme and a redo of some of the blogs pages. I want this blog to be completely functional, and to serve it’s purpose in the best way possible. I can’t wait to share all of the behind-the-scenes details with all of you.

That’s it, three simple areas of focus for a short, but still mighty and meaningful month. I love how a lot of these are me oriented. Really focusing on my own wellness and well being.


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