Feeling Burnt Out {And How To Recover}

How to Recover from burn outHappy Monday, friends.

Today, I want to share about something that I’ve dealt with many times, and I’m sure some of you have, too. Feeling burnt out.

It’s the worst; even more unfortunate than feeling exhausted or like you’re lacking energy. Hitting a burn out period usually leaves you feeling uninspired, unmotivated, and slightly hopeless. You want to do everything, but are in such a low that you end up doing less than what you’re actually capable of accomplishing.

Everything feels out of reach, everyday is more tiring than the day before. You aren’t doing anything with intention, but rather going through the motions to get from one day to the next.

Anyone out there relating to what I’m saying?

Let me break down how this burn out crept up into my own spaces.

Last Fall, I took on the internship I had been dreaming about for years! I was so excited to have been selected, so enthusiastic about the challenges and opportunities that lied ahead. I was eager, and ready, and in a good place. And I stayed in that place for a while, until things started to build up. I kept taking on more: this blog, leadership roles, interning, working, outside activities, and (every now and then, but less often) me time. 

I loved everything I was doing, and for that reason, couldn’t picture myself saying no to doing any of them. So kept doing, even when I knew it would have been in my best interest to stop.

The things I was doing started to suffer. Less content was ready for the blog, the quality of work I was producing at my internship lessened. My boss even told me that she could see me reaching the end of my rope. I was burning out, quickly.

I managed to reorder some things, readjust and refocus others to help myself get through that period. But life can throw a lot of curve balls, and you won’t always be able to take the “do less” approach to burn out recovery. But there are still ways to manage, and recover. You can always bounce back.

Identify burn out factors

Are there specific things, people or activities that are causing you to feel burnt out? Are you taking on too many responsibilities, or starting too many projects all at once. Burn out can form from feelings of overwhelm and pressure.

Give yourself space from things

Taking a step back, and taking a break from your regular routine is great to calm and center yourself. Wake up an hour later or earlier. Walk to work instead of driving in, take a different route to class one morning. Switch things up, change your horizons and escape the mundane. Take this time to give yourself a little space from people (maybe even your blog readers) until you feel back to yourself.

Be open and honest with yourself and others

This is a time where extra help or a listening ear can prove incredibly useful. But, in order to receive help, you have to be honest about the place you’re in. Admit that you’re feeling overwhelmed, allow the people that want you to well to lend a helping hand. And don’t bully yourself! If you know that you need to put yourself to rest, go rest. Listen, trust, and always be true about your needs.

Rest & Relax

Take a deep breath, lay back, and just be. This is something that I personally struggle with. Finding the balance between down time and time wasted. It is important to take those moments everyday, or however often you can, to just do nothing and recuperate. It could mean journaling, watching a movie for an hour or two, or just reading a good book in bed. Do something that you enjoy that allows you to unwind.

Have you ever felt burnt out before? How did you recover?

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  1. April 28, 2014 / 11:03 pm

    This is pretty perfect timing Amber, right in the midst of finals. That burn out feeling is not joke, especially for someone like me who just does not do well with feeling overwhelmed at all. A lot of people can handle juggling multiple things, I just can’t. It’s not me. I’ve accepted that, so I take precautions not to let myself get too burned out/overwhelmed. But seriously though I can barely handle 12 hour semesters + a part time job, my hat is OFF to people doing way more than I with x10 the energy and positivity. They are superheroes in their own right.

  2. May 1, 2014 / 6:30 pm

    I took some space from blogging a little over two months ago. Sometimes being too inspired by other bloggers puts you in a rut. I’m a firm believer in R&R! I’m lucky enough to get some me time in every Saturday!

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