2017 Reader Survey

Is anyone else slowly recovering from a seriously struggle filled, post holiday weekend Monday? It can’t just be me. Just in case, I’ll keep this post short and sweet.

For the past two weeks, I’ve had 2018 on my mind. More so than ever before, it’s clear to me where I need to be investing my time, energy and creativity. I have a pretty clear vision for how I’d like the first six months of the year to look and I’m already brainstorming fresh ideas and mapping out plans.

In the midst of all that planning, I’ve been thinking back to my wins, big and small, that I’ve had in 2017. It didn’t take me long to realize that so many of those high moments are thanks to and involve the blog and all of you. So thank you!

When it comes to new content and big ideas for this space in 2018, I want to make sure you all have a say. Because this space is an outlet for me, but it’s truly a space for us: to collaborate, learn and grow together.

So, if you have a few minutes to spare, I’d love for you to give me your feedback and participate in this year’s reader survey. I tried to keep it brief and simple, so it shouldn’t take more than 5-6 minutes to finish, depending on how much you have to say.

Whether you’ve been reading for 6 months or even before the rebrand, I truly want to say thank you for making this blog all that it is. 2018, I’m coming for you!


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