Looking to level up your personal brand, help your staff or team learn the ends and outs of content production and strategy, or enhance your visuals online? I'm here to help.

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Hi, I'm Amber and I love producing.

Whether it's producing website copy, photos for social media or workshops and educational opportunities, nothing makes me happier than producing.

So I've made a career out of it.

I believe that everyone should have the means to share their story online.  The combination of my experience as a digital marketer, passion for the digital space and deep immersion in personal branding makes for extremely impactful solutions for my clients.

To learn more about my offerings, please scroll down. And if you'd like to work together on something not listed below, just send a message my way!

Available Services

Customized Workshops

Digital and social media change every day. Keeping up with new trends is nearly impossible. Applying them to your work and goals is even harder. That's where I come in. I'll design a custom workshop for you and your team that breaks down what's new, how it work and, most importantly, how it applies. From algorithms to gear and tools, you'll leave prepared to master any platform.

Branded Photography

If content is king, visuals are your crowning glory. From your headshot and profile photo to your everyday Instagrams, nothing tells who we are more than the imagery we share. Whether you're looking for content for a one time project or need consistent visuals that fir your brand, we'll design stunning branded images that fit better than any stock photo.

Branding Consultation

What does your Instagram say about who you are and what you do? How can it get you hired? Do you need a website. Let's answer these questions, and more. If you're feeling like you aren't telling your brand story well online, this is for you. Together, we'll get clear on your brand voice, develop a strategy for how to best project that voice and map out the content you need to stay relevant online.

For rates and availability, please email amber (at) byamberburns.com or click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Because I know you want to know!

Q: What kind of clients do you work with?

A: I tend to focus on helping small businesses and entrepreneurial content creators, but am open to any project that fits my specialties and interests!

Q: Do you host public workshops or events!

A: Yes! And the best way to stay up to date about those upcoming events and workshops is to follow this site and my Twitter account (I also share great GIFs).

Q: I'm interested in developing one specific kind of content (a newsletter, webpage, Instagram profile, etc). Can you help?

A: Definitely maybe!? I'd love listen to the scope of your idea, and see if I'm a fit for the project. Please reach out!

Q: Are clients you work with included in blog or social coverage?

A: I love showing off client work when I can, but paid work with me does not guarantee editorial coverage. For blog specific partnerships, head here.

Q: I'm currently a blogger or plan to launch a blog soon. Could you help me with that?

A: YES! Shoot me an email and we can create a custom plan to help with the specifics you need to launch a blog.